Pet Portal in Farmington Hills, MI

Our Pet Portal in Farmington Hills Helps You Keep Up with Your Pet’s Care

Pets are a big responsibility, but managing their healthcare needs shouldn’t be more complicated than it needs to be. With Pet Portal, you can always access your pet’s medical records and vaccine certificates from home. If you need to see when you last purchased parasite preventatives or had your pet in for a wellness visit, you can obtain this information without having to call us!

Pet Portal also allows you to request appointments and prescription refills and create a printable ID for your pet that includes their photo. You will also have access to video demonstrations that show you how to safely administer at-home treatments to your pet (such as cleaning ears and trimming nails).

It’s not always easy to stay in touch with your veterinarian; we know how busy life can be! With Pet Portal, our hope is to make it easier for pet owners to actively participate in the care of their companions and maintain an open communication channel with their vet. Your pet’s health is always our foremost concern, and we want you to feel informed and confident when making decisions about your pet’s needs.

For more information or to sign up for a Pet Portal account, visit the ePet Health website. If you have any questions for us, feel free to reach out to us at (248) 471-3636.