Veterinary Forms in Farmington Hills

Whether you’re new to the area or a first-time pet owner, we look forward to meeting you. To shorten your time in the lobby filling out paperwork, we’ve included our veterinary forms online. Simply enter your information directly into the form. Once you are finished, submit the form and it will be sent to our animal hospital where we will register your information.

Veterinary Forms in Farmington Hills, MI
Woman and dog in our lobby for their veterinary appointment

Risk Assessment Form

Our risk assessment form helps us understand your pet’s lifestyle and gauge their vulnerability to certain diseases and parasites. This way, we can determine which preventive treatments and vaccines are appropriate for your pet to keep them as healthy as possible at all times.

Please fill out this form and submit it online.

Opioid Waiver Form

Due to recent changes in Michigan State Law, it is required that owners whose pets are prescribed opioids need to be checked by the Michigan Automated Prescription System. This system shows any controlled substance prescribed to the pet and their owner and must be run every 90 days. This waiver gives us permission to share your information with the Michigan Automated Prescription System and comply with Michigan State Law. We cannot issue you and your pet an opioid prescription without it.

Please fill out and submit this form online.

What to Expect When Visiting Jeffrey Animal Hospital

To ensure that your first visit to our practice goes smoothly, we recommend that you come prepared. Please have your pet on a secure leash or in a proper pet carrier, for the comfort of your pet and any other pets in our waiting area. Bring any medical records you may have from previous vets for us to include in your pet’s file. Also, bring along any medications they are currently taking, or a list of the names of their medications. Bring any information that you believe will be important for our veterinarians to keep on file.